Cathy Grieve, Teacher and Former BBC News Editor

I was one of Anna’s tutors on the Broadcasting module of her MA at City. I was also the supervisor on her final project. Anna is a very intelligent, motivated self-starter. She is passionate about journalism and is a good storyteller. This was evident in the stories she produced weekly and in a first-rate final project. She is thorough in her approach and has worked hard in her subsequent roles to deliver high-quality content. Anna is a tenacious journalist driven by the need to tell stories in the best way possible, using the best tools and platforms to reach audiences, and to always be accurate. She is a hardworking team player and comes from the ‘can-do’ camp. She is also a delight to have around. An asset to any organisation.


Gareth Price, Senior Output Editor at Ruptly

I was one of Anna's editors when she joined as a Broadcast Journalist at Ruptly. She quickly established herself as a hardworking and talented member of our Output team. Anna is able to produce compelling video edits and write well-written and properly researched scripts. She is equally proficient at packaging hard and soft news stories to a tight schedule. Anna is also a pleasure to work with and always puts the team first. She was promoted to Output Editor as a result of her abilities and went on to excel in the role, guiding a team of journalists on shift to deliver the stories of the day in a fast-paced newsroom.


Anna was an Output Editor at the time I joined Ruptly and trained me one-on-one. Anna is dedicated, a great team leader and was highly competent in her role. She managed the Output team with ease, even in high stress and high-pressure situations. Her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm will brighten up any working environment, and she was sorely missed when she left! I can recommend Anna as a valuable asset to any workplace.

Lauren Baker, Broadcast Journalist at Ruptly