MA coursework 2015

Cue: Today is the first day of the official countdown to Christmas. Or at least it is for retailers like John Lewis and Marks and Spencer’s, who have embraced the American tradition of Black Friday. Following last year’s unexpected riots, Anna Fleck reports on the events of this year’s Black Friday.

These were the sounds heard on black Friday last year.


This year, bargain hunters again flocked to Oxford Street for the discounted prices. 


At least one daily newspaper has claimed Black Friday would see the first £1 billion spend in the UK. However, buyers and retailers thought the day was somewhat underwhelming as there was a marked decrease in the number of shoppers. 


Vox pop 1: what black Friday? really, seriously. we were expecting it to be really busy and screaming people and it’s fine. like any other shopping day.


Vox pop 2: I’m actually secretly pleased. I was dreading it. 


Vox pop 3: Busy. Not as busy as we’d expected but very busy. 


Chris Baker is employed at a toyshop on Regent Street. Like many other stores, they have had fewer customers than they had expected. 

Chris Baker, Regent Street Toy Shop: We are three months old. Today is Black Friday. It’s been quite busy, but we’ve been able to deal with it. We haven’t really had that much of a rush. We are literally begging people to come in and to buy some toys. So we are trying to make some money rather than give it away for free.


Black Friday is a recent phenomenon in the UK. Brought over from America, it traditionally follows Thanksgiving and is a part of a public holiday. 


The name was originally coined by the Philadelphia Police Department who used it to describe the disruptive traffic and even violence that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. 


Carolina Marker, a charity worker on Oxford Street, disagrees with the whole concept.


Carolina Marker, charity worker: I think it’s horrible because we buy our cheap stuff at the expense of others suffering for it.


According to Experian-IMRG, black Friday showed a 36 percent increase in online sales, with the UK reaching the first-ever £1 billion online shopping day. This suggests that the mayhem of last year has persuaded people to shop from the safety of their own homes.

In: These were the sounds…

Out: …safety of their own homes.

Dur: 1’56”