News Script: World Zombie Day

MA coursework 2015

Cue: If you passed through central London today, you may have been confronted by something rather extraordinary. Streets were overrun with monsters, as part of an annual charity fundraiser for homeless people. Anna Fleck reports on today’s haunting events. 


It’s Apocalypse Day, and I’m here at Leicester Square, joined by hundreds of zombies that have made their way across from Waterloo, raising money for World Homeless day.


People of all ages joined this army of Walking Dead. By asking onlookers to donate money via text, they hoped to raise money for St Mungo’s hostel, a centre for homeless people in Hackney. Leanne is one of the organisers of the event. 


Leanne, SFX Makeup Artist for World Zombie Day: We are gathered here today to celebrate St Mungo’s and raise money for charity. Today is World Zombie Day, and it’s the kind of thing that happens the whole way across the planet. It’s absolutely amazing, it’s such an amazing cause.


Each city is raising money for a different local charity. No one has held back with costumes, as one impersonator showed us. 


Jon snow, Data analyst: Hi, my name is Zombie Jon Snow and I’m the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, or I was before I died.  


As well as fake skin and copious amount of makeup there has been singing and chanting too. 

People came from all over the world to this event. 


Mar Family, Zombie Day participants: We have come especially for World Zombie Day, we come from South of France, Paris. It’s marvellous for my family and me to be here today.  


Over 7,500 people slept rough in London during 2014. Cuts to services mean there are more people needing homes but fewer places for them to go. London Zombie March is just one way to help those in need. Afterall…


Zombie Day participant: Who doesn’t want to be a zombie? 


This is Anna Fleck reporting for City News. 


In: It’s Apocalypse Day…

Out: …reporting for City News. 

Dur: 1’47”